Unblock Your Joy™

Inner Play

Inner Play is a digital campground for joyful and transformative coaching  to move thru obstacles in your life, creativity, & well-being. 

Ditch feeling stuck and discover a life full of flow.  

Membership Includes Free, Unlimited Access to:

  • Virtual Classes, Creative Workshops, and Special Events held every week. Our programming grants you regular opportunities to play, create, and deep listen – the Inner Play building blocks for finding + keeping a joyful mindset. 

  • Recordings of all past Coaching Classes for your independent study. Learn to move through creative blocks, give yourself your best, and ask for what you need, to name a few 😉*

  • Our Foundational Program, How to Practice Joy where you’ll learn how to intentionally – and regularly – Play, Create, and Deep Listen  to support a total mindset shift towards joy. *

  • Our fun and intentional Digital Coaching Workbooks to help you move through blocks as they pop up. Like journal prompts but ones that move you forward rather  than keep you spinning 👀

  • Members’ only Monthly Campfires. A space to show up, listen, and be heard, these Campfires are a member favorite and an opp to talk it out with people who get it.*

  • Our Member Portal where you’ll access the upcoming event links, the workshop recordings, the digital workbooks, as well as exclusive content like practices,  pep talks, and forum discussions. You can also make a profile and chat with other members!*

  • Discounts on everything in the Camp Store, including 1:1 sessions with Lenéa.

         * Access to these offers are available exclusively to Members.

"I’ve never felt so free to talk about my insecurities w/o fear of judgement or invalidation TO PEOPLE I’VE NEVER MET BEFORE?? Wild. Lenéa is amazing at making it feel like a communal space, on-top of treating everyone as equals."

– Brianna

When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to our Member Portal – accessible via desktop and iOS/Android app (!) – where you'll find our Welcome Brochure to get you started right away!

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